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Why ? I know it seems like 3 random islands but random they are not. I am half Mauritian and half Sicilian. My mum is from Port Louis and my dad is from Catania , they met here. That's the beauty of London, anyone here can be from anywhere. And of course Gareth is born to Jamaican parents..

Gareth and I have been eating together since 2007 and years and years of home cooking, we couldn't be serving you anything else than what we truly love. From Mauritian snacks we call "gajak" to Jamaican rice and peas, oxtail, poisson sale, arancini , fried fish and all the gorgeous sauces we've conjured up in between, we've created a menu that's really true to us and our culture.

Not so random anymore... :)

#cocolabelle #cocolabelle #mauritianfood #mauritius #jamaicanfood #jamaica #sicily #streetfood #gajak

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