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Fill Ya Belly Wit Jamaican Delight!

If you venture out of the supermarkets for your shopping, you can find some real gems at your local greengrocer! Cheaper, tastier and bigger (which really means more for your money!) Fruits & Veg spanning all over the world and so many chillliiiiiiiiiessss. Love a chilli!

Here's a gorgeous meal I've put together for you which may seem like some mismatching ingredients to you but is a regular breakfast in the Caribbean! (with dumplings!) but this ones naturally wheat free!

Plantain & Smokey Bacon with sliced Avocado

Here's the easy peasy recipe!

Pick your plantain!

Plantains are from the banana family and are yellow in colour, ripe plantains start to turn dark brown then black. Pick the darker ones for a sweeter taste!


1/2 Plantain slices

1/2 Avocado sliced

2 Rashes of smokey bacon ( or 3 or 4 however many you love)

Garnish of spring onion & baby tomatoes ( and anything else you love)

Your favourite condiment!


1-Pre heat your grill at 180C

Place bacon under the grill until crispy for 3-5mins

Or alternatively you can pan fry your bacon with a little oil for 2-3 mins

2- Cut your Avocado in half, remove stone and with a spoon gently remove the inner flesh scooping it around to remove it whole.

Place it flat side down and slice diagonal even slices.

To lift onto your plate , place a large flat spatula or knife under and lift all together.

3-Slice your garnish now so you can eat everything whilst its hot and crispy

4- Top & Tail your plantain by slicing the ends off

Slice longways down the plantain to remove the skin and pop the plantain out

Slice it diagonally for even slices

Heat a little oil in a frying pan and once hot place each plantain in the pan

Turn the slices when golden for an even colour on the other side

Keep a close eye on it as the sweeter the plantain the more the natural sugars will caramelise and burn!

Remove onto paper towel for excess oil

5-Remove your crispy bacon from grill, allow excess oils on paper towel

Then plate up all your ingredients, sprinkle your garnish like a pro, get your favourite condiment and ENJOY!

Swap bacon for smoked salmon or even oyster mushrooms if you're vegan!

Simples :)

Coco Labellle


Sliced Plantain

Look Twins :)


Sliced Avocado

Grill Bacon

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